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contact lense

So you want FREE Halloween Contact Lenses or Colored Contacts?

  • First, purchase any pair of contact lenses you like.
  • Then simply film yourself and upload your video on youtube.com
  • Make sure the website link is in your description: http://www.cococontacts.com/
  • Please make sure in the video that it says "Cococontacts.com" in writing, and you mention that you got them at Cococontacts.com
  • Please make sure that we can CLEARLY see your eyes BEFORE and AFTER you have the lenses in. (No Fuzzy Videos)
  • Your youtube video should be on your youtube chanel which should have minimum 100 subscribers. We do not accept new channels unfortunately.
  • In the title of your youtube video, you should have one of the following keywords: 'colored contact lenses' or 'coloured contacts' .
  • Then email us the link and we will send you another pair FREE

Yes! it's that easy!

Our Team will then select the videos that are the funniest and most creative. We will let you know. About 98% of the people who sent in their youtube links have gotten their FREE lenses.

Conditions: You must include a link to www.cococontacts.com inside your video and make sure we can see before and after you have the lenses in your eyes. Make sure we can see the video clearly and that it is good quality. That's it! Have fun..

** Shipping not included for the Free Lenses

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