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Refund Policy

You may return a Product that you have purchased if the Product is faulty. You must ensure that any Product you return is not affected by being used in an abnormal way, or reduced in value by delay on your part.

If you wish to return any product you must lodge a return request using the contact coco contacts section of this website and provide a reason for the return. Once you have done so, cococontacts will respond to your request and (if the return is accepted) provide you with the details of where the product is to be returned to. You must pay for any return shipping costs.

Where you are entitled to return a product, you will receive a refund or an exchange of the product (at your choice). You may cancel an order due to the order being out of stock due to unforeseen supply problems or unexpected demand.. If there is a delay in shipping your order then we will contact you by email as soon as possible to advise you of the reason for the delay. If this occurs, you may cancel your order at any time prior to when we ship the product to you. You may also change the order at the time (ie. Switch to another contact lens colour)

Has your prescription changed?

If your contact lens RX prescription has changed over time and you still have unopened boxes of contact lenses, Coco Contacts will happily exchange these for another box of contact lenses which matches your new prescription. Please contact us before returning as we will check that the lenses were supplied by us and please make sure the sticker on the box is not past the product expire date.

Is the lens torn upon opening the packet?

If you have opened a brand new packet and find the contact lens ripped due to a fault with the manufacturer, we at cococontacts.com will replace the product for you.

Step 1 - Keep the lens in the solution. If you have a lens case then please place the lens in that case and fill it up with solution. Do not dispose of the lens.
Step 2 - Please contact us via email to let us know what happened exactly. We will then inform you of how to return the lens to us.
Step 3 - Return the contact lens to the address on the contact us page. The lens must be returned before we can send you a replacement. This is because we must show the manufacturer the defaulted lens.

Eye Diameter Sizes and Base Curves

Please note that all our novelty contact lenses are a Diameter of : 14.00mm and a Base Curve : 8.6 mm. These are the sizes of most people's eyes. If you are not sure if the contact lenses will fit you, please visit an optometrist. We recommend you visit an optometrist before purchasing any kinds of contact lenses to make sure your eyes are healthy and also to make sure you maintain proper cleaning and storage care for your contact lenses. We cannot exchange or refund a contact lens if it does not fit your eye correctly.

Contacting us first

Please contact us to explain to us what the problem is by visiting the contact us page.

Did you change your mind about the colour you chose?

Please Note: Due to the medical sensitivity of the product, we cannot accept refunds of exchanges. Please be sure you are happy with the colour you choose. Please look at the photos of real people and make your selection carefully.

Note: The Dual Colour Lenses DO cover brown eyes. All the crazy colour lenses also cover brown eyes.

How long do refunds take?

If we have messed up your shipping or if we are out of stock of a certain product and you have already paid for it. We can process your refund within 45 days. The reason we are able to keep our lenses at such a low price for you is because we keep our costs low and we do not have a refund department. Your refund will be placed in the queue and attended to as soon as a representative with authority is able to process your refund.

Take Care of Your Eyes

Thank you for your business