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Novelty Contact Lenses

Change your eyes, give them a new crazy look

Looking for something different? Now you can look amazingly scary with these wild novelty lenses. They are available in four ranges. Single Colour lenses, dual colour lenses, rave lenses that glow under the UV black light and lenses that make you look crazy. All of the lenses are soft yet durable. Some people have commented on how they are more durable then other contact lenses that only last 30 days. These will last you 90 days. A full 3 months from the day you open them.

Why Coco Contacts Novelty Lenses?

Coco Contact Lenses Australia has been carrying this fun novelty product for over 4 years now and the response has been more than overwhelming. Cosmetic Contact lenses are a new purely aesthetic item designed and made specifically for fashion purposes. Previously, people wanting to change their eye colour were made to visit an optometrist and pay anywhere up to $300 per pair. This has now been remedied with our range of specifically tailored lenses made to Australian ISO standards which suit all shapes and sizes. The lenses themselves offer no corrective properties therefore will not distort vision, consist of 60% water, and have a use-life of 90 days.

This Halloween - The look is super human.

Go vampire this halloween with Vampire Contact Lenses. Also crazy to try some wild wolf eye and itachi lenses. Change the appearance of your eyes completely and really finish off that Halloween costume of yours this October 31st! This crazy novelty lens is a great addition to a zombie costume, vampire look with black or white vampire eyes like Manson, or werewolf outfit like Sith Lord or Hannibal. Many teenagers and young adults use these lenses to "complete" their Halloween get ups.

Manson White Novelty Contact Lenses

Go Clubbing and Dancing with these Rave UV Contact Lenses

Raver Lenses are perfect for enhancing your clubbing outfit. Every nightclub has a UV light and you will definitely stand out and look radical with these glowing contact lenses. A sure conversation started and you will entertain the amazement of your peers. These glow in the dark lenses come in pink, orange, green, blue and yellow. Check out these UV contact lenses and glow in a club looking like you are from another groovy world.

Want some colour cosmetic lenses with no prescriptions?

What you are looking for are the Single Colour Contact Lenses They come in aqua, blue, green, violet, grey, brown and hazel. These novelty colour lenses are the most affordable way to give your eyes a new shade of colour. As the name suggests, the lens is made up of one colour (as opposed to the dual lenses which are two colours). The unique pigmentation allows the natural sparkle of your eyes to shine through and blend with the lens to provide a natural soft look. They are perfect for those looking for a subtle colour change to suit your mood or wardrobe.

Dual Coloured Contact Lenses (Two Tone Colours) Come in both: Cosmetic and Prescription

As the dual colour contact lenses name suggests, feature a dual-layer colour pigment, instantly making your eyes look bigger and more attractive. These lenses provide more colour definition and deeper contrast than standard single-colour lenses. These lenses are suited to those wanting a more vibrant, richer colour change.