My Top 10 Favorite Special Effects Contacts

One of the things that Halloween does to people is that it allows them to wear special effects contacts and dress up into anything or anyone that their heart’s desire. It makes people forget their worries, their desk jobs, etc. During Halloween, they could be someone else for a while by getting to wear costumes. To get your costume to another level, you can purchase special effects contacts. sells a variety of special effects contacts and they offer colored special effects contact lenses to complete that Halloween costume you have

Here are my top ten personal favorites:

non prescription special effects contacts1) Wild Vampire White – this is for those who are looking to be one of the blood-loving creatures of the night. This is also perfect if you would just like to creep out the trick-or-treaters.

2) Wild Itachi/Sharingan – Naruto fans are definitely familiar with this one. This will surely bring your character to life.

3) Wild Vampire Wolf Eyes – this pair of contacts will give more authenticity to your vampire costume. The red and orange combination gives you a more menacing look.

4) Wild Blood Red – this glowing red pair of special effects contacts will most certainly give you a more bloodthirsty look. Walking around in this pair will make you look like a vampire on the hunt.

5) Mirrored Contact Lenses – to those of you who have watched The Chronicles of Riddick and thought about being Riddick, this will make you look the part, if you already have Vin Diesel muscles.

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6) True Blood Vampire Blackout – this pair of black special effects contacts will turn your eyes black as night. You will look like one of those who have been enchanted by Maryann on True Blood.

7) Wild Vampire Black – for a more conservative vampire look, try this pair. Unlike the True Blood Blackout, this only covers the colored part of the eye.

8) White Zombie – zombie fans will like this. Wear these to have a more convincing zombie look this Halloween. Maybe you could even play as one of the zombies on The Walking Dead!

9) Dragon Eyes – scare your friends by wearing a pair of these special effects contacts. The yellow, red and orange combination looks terrifying.

10) Viper (Cat Eye) – these contacts turn your pupils into slits. Nothing gets scarier than that! This is great for cat costumes or for a Lord Voldemort look.

You will never go wrong with the special effects contacts listed above as they are special effects color contacts.

These pairs is a sure fire way of getting a more frightened reaction from your colleagues and friends for that upcoming Halloween party. Shock everyone when you show them your freaky eyes!

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These special effects contact lenses are for aesthetic use only; these are non prescription special effects contacts so there is no fear of ruining your eyes. You should also handle these products accordingly to prevent hurting your eye. In addition, these should not be worn over other contact lenses.

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