Unusual Halloween Costume Ideas – The Headless Costume

As Halloween approaches, little doubt that you are on the hunt for an amazing Halloween costume to be dressed in to the party or on trick or treat night. The same as any other item of clothing, you would like this outfit to be inventive and original, for that reason allow me to share several top Halloween costumes for 2011. In this article we will put the spotlight on the more eerie or gruesome costumes, notably the headless costume.

Setting to the Headless costume – “Off With His Head”

Queen Elizabeth the 1st was believed to utter this expression as soon as someone she did not like offended her. She was portrayed as a fairly whimsical and capricious queen and produced these utterances without the slightest thought of the consequences. She was just as likely to rescind the command a few moments afterward.

Whether the Queen was in reality like this is up for discussion as she was a very successful monarch and relatively diplomatic in a time when violence was the first alternative for many.

With this said, one point that is definitely without question is that the execution of the day was beheading. Unlucky fellows would be led up to a scaffold to confront a chopping block along with a masked, beefy looking curmudgeon picking dirt out of his fingernails with the tip of an enormous ax.

To the cheers of a baying crowd, the fellow would be dispatched and his head would roll into a basket. If he was a particularly important individual, his head may then be placed on a spike and hung out to dry on some castle fortification or even at the entrance to the town or city.

It was a particularly dreadful time to be alive or in the case of the headless costume, the walking dead. The basic headless costume harks back to this time, when a wandering ghost might lug his cut off head about with him.

A classic headless costume that you can get these days is rather clever and quite an unusual look.

The costume consists of an over sized costume that covers the head.

There is a shoulder attachment that fits to your head and shoulders. This is a model of a severed neck, replete with blood oozing from the cut. You rest the shoulder attachment round your covered head under the costume. This gives the impression that you’re headless. It really is a particularly grisly look that’s just right for Halloween.

You can get the classic headless costume or the headless butler and as well the headless horsemen from the Sleepy Hollow legend (and movie by Tim Burton). You can see these are fairly unusual Halloween costumes and will definitely have party goers gasping at the party.


Have a memorable Halloween party wearing a unique headless costume for instance the headless horseman costume. It is a macabre and ghastly look to try at the party and will emphatically get you plenty of attention and remarks.

Get your own Scary headless costumes or maybe the headless butler costume Is creepier.

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