Twenty Six – Play On The Silent Treatment In A Mime Halloween Costume

Mime Halloween costumes can set the stage for an evening of silent antics by any aspiring charade artist. They are relatively easy to create and comfortable to wear, and do not require anything elaborate. Even the most detailed costume is easy, consisting mostly of mime makeup and some traditional style clothing. Mime Halloween costumes may not be for everyone.

The make is not optional as it is the most outstanding part of the costume. The basic style is much simpler than used for clown characters. Using theater grease paint the face is totally covered with white and a few black accents are added. Lining your lips and eyes in black and defining strong black eyebrows with a grease pencil is all that is required. Going a bit farther you might add a bit of personality with a painted tear or a red star at the edge of your eye.

Clothing is simple and limited to very few pieces. The simplest mime Halloween costume could be made with black slacks and a black long sleeved tee. Add the facial make-up and gloves and begin your gestures. The traditional mime costume consists of slim black pants and a long sleeved knit shirt with horizontal black and white stripes. A red kerchief is often worn around the neck and a black French beret sits at angle on the head. In recent years some mime costumes have used a red and white shirt with horizontal stripes and that is also an accepted version.

You can throw tradition out the window and wear what clothing you want as the face paint by itself tells your audience you are a mime. However, the complete lack of communication will make it difficult for you to explain why you are dressed in such a way.–Mime-Costumes-title0-p-1-c-356.html

If you have sensitive skin or allergies you might opt to wear a mime mask rather than face paint. The problem with masks for this depiction is that facial expressions are so much a part of being a mime. Behind a mask you can grimace or smile all you like – and never be understood! Masks also limit your visibility and can become a safety issue.

Although there are depictions of frightening mimes, there is no defined character to copy for fear factor. Mimes do not seem to have the ability to be terrifying as clowns do and are more likely to be seen as friendly or silly people. Somehow the idea of an axe wielding mime just doesn’t quite make the grade.

Go all the way and really learn the part! Mimes are performers, so add dimension to your costume by learning a little about the trade. Otherwise, you are just a boring clown. A quick search on Google can produce a number of resources for information on miming skills. It looks easy enough, and certain aspects are quite simple. However, honing your skills and appearing like a professional is not easy and takes much practice. Smooth movements and perfect execution do not come to beginner mimes.

Let me make this clear, you do not have to make an actual career out of your clown Halloween costume! However, sometimes going the extra mile will get you noticed. Become the life of the party with a little bit of silent humor and release your inner charade artist! Who knows, maybe you will find a new hobby in the process.

For fun, comfort and ease of construction, mime Halloween costumes fill the bill. Whether traditional in black and white stripes or a bit more modern with red on white stripes, you always must have the wrist length white gloves and face paint (or a mask) to play the part. We should also point out that mimes are almost always quite slender. For a humorous twist a person of large girth dressed as a traditional mime could be great for laughs. Obviously, this would need to be someone not self conscious about his size or weight. Can you picture an overweight mime trying to reach past his stomach to open the imaginary door? Now that would be a funny clown Halloween costume. Edited by Hetsil Protage

Choose mime Halloween costumes online and create a story with your white face and hands in clown Halloween costume