Ten – Knights Of Olden Times In Knights Halloween Costumes

One of the most beloved choices of holiday attire every year would definitely be Knight Halloween costumes. Famous for dedication to serving their king or queen, knights ranked third on the list of nobles. Clad in steel armor and waving swords and shields knights were men of action and character. Is it any wonder little boys love to dress up as a knight on Halloween?

Enacting medieval jousting and battles is a popular hobby even today. Those who participate often make their own chain mail suits and other realistic headgear and clothing for protection. Clearly you won’t go to that amount of expense for a trick or treat costume. For a person who enjoys crafting it might not be difficult to create a version of armor that will serve the purpose.

Find other, inexpensive materials to build your suite of armor. Knight Halloween costumes are favorites among children as well, so they must be light and easy to take off and put on. Consider adding cardboard pieces, especially for children. Cardboard is easy to bend, light to carry around while trick or treating, and can be painted any color you like. There are even metallic finish spray paints in many colors.

A ta bard is little more than a strip of cloth worn over the body. It is used to display the symbol of loyalty the wearer chose. It might be an authentic looking coat of arms stenciled on the fabric or may be an image of an animal or a bit of humor might be added there. Consider the chicken emblem of Sir Robin in Monty Python’s Holy Grail if you want to take the humorous route.

If you’re going all the way with humor, and recreating characters from the famous Monty Python film, a white stuffed rabbit is an excellent accessory. If you’re feeling creative, add some fake blood to its back and mouth, or sew on a few fangs. That rabbits dynamite!

Due to the character’s popularity purchasing renaissance Halloween costumes is a simple alternative to hours of crafting and painting. Though purchased varieties may appear a bit cheap and lack any reality in design you can often add some props and accessories to spice them up to the next level. To a little boy, the cheapest version of costume becomes a magical kingdom when he picks up his play sword and straps on his plastic scabbard.

A knight should never be without his weapon. Classic weapons usually fall into the category of swords and shields. However, you do not have to go down this route. Perhaps you are more a hired guard, ready with a cross bow. Knights could also carry morning star flail. This weapon includes a handle that can be gripped in one or both hands with a chain attached to the end. The opposite end of the chain supports a heavy metal ball, usually with spikes and sometimes including other decoration.

With any costumes that include weapons as props always keep safety in mind. Even a pretend sword can cause a nasty bruise if used unwisely. For children, find toy weapons such as swords that bend when parried. Knight Halloween costumes are versions of boys with toys – so caution is advised.

Knight Halloween costumes are an ageless classic that reappears every Halloween. Children and adults alike can personalize their own. Tabards are easy to make by hand, and can be adorned with whatever symbol you like, be it a serious, real life, or silly symbol. Knight Halloween costumes may be visually restricting as well, so always use proper caution when trick or treating. Edited by Hetsil Protage

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