Seventy Nine – Bloody Chills And Dread In Ghostly Zombie Halloween Costumes

A seasonal favorite for holiday trick or treaters is the Zombie Halloween costume. Funny and frightening versions of the walking dead are not only fun as dress up but easy costumes to make. You can plan your own zombie doing as little or as much as you want to the character. Creativity rules when dealing with the zombie at Halloween.

To keep costs down look through your own closet for basic clothing to use for your zombie character. Guidelines don’t exist for what you must wear or how you should look. There is no standard uniform associated with zombies so you can go any direction that suits your fancy. You can use your regular clothing and find some old shirts that you are willing to slice and dice for that graveyard appearance and layer those items over your daily wear.–Skeleton-Costumes-title0-p-2-c-335.html

You might choose a popular historic figure or legendary musician and zombify him. Anyone is eligible to become a zombie and it’s an easy and entertaining holiday corpse. Choose from a deceased figure or pick someone still alive if you choose. Whether making a zombie Halloween costumes for a real personality or creating your own imaginary character is your choice.

There is no lack of movies that portray zombie-skills and you can learn to walk and moan and mumble as a true member of the undead. Swaying from side to side you lumber along, arms raised, eyes fixed on the far distance, mumbling an grumbling and intent on destruction. That is the most recognizable and popular version of zombie Halloween costumes and the people who wear them.–Skeleton-Costumes-title0-p-1-c-335.html

Use a variety of accessories to complete the zombie persona. Fake body parts to gnaw on are good as you wander past food filled table at a Halloween party. An undead musician might carry an instrument or a microphone and could wear bell bottoms a la Hendrix.

You can opt to leave your hands free and avoid the cumbersome props some might carry and let your clothing and your physical activity tell the whole story. Fake wounds, sores, gashes or burns purchased as props from costume shop may look sickeningly realistic and give you a fantastic icky factor. Don’t be hesitant to add a few wounds – after all, something killed you.

Groups of zombies are always better than one! Enlist friends to create an entire roaming hoard! Overrun the party with fun-loving undead. Many walking undead make for plenty of photo opportunities. In addition, zombie movie lovers will appreciate your group effort.

Give the host or hostess a break and bring along something edible to share. They will surely appreciate the extra help. This also gives you an opportunity to plant your own, food-based prop! There are plenty of creative recipes out there that explain how to create dishes that look like human body parts, but are made from purely non-human ingredients! Edible eyes or organs, fingers, everything.

There are plenty of options when it comes to zombie Halloween costumes. Add your own twist on this old favorite. Start at home to find the most readily available and inexpensive props and clothes, and watch plenty of zombie films to get into the mood. Zombie Halloween costumes appear every year, so make yours more memorable! Edited by Hetsil Protage

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