Seventy Five – Priest Or Nun Halloween Costume – Pious or Spicey?

Nun Halloween costumes can provide a good laugh among friends. Of course, be careful you do not offend anyone at parties or in public. If you do, take it in stride. It is a free world and you can be whatever you want to be-especially on Halloween. It is always a good idea to consider your host or hostess however. Nun Halloween costumes are found everywhere these days, and most people have encountered at least one or two on past holidays.

When thinking of what makes up nun Halloween costumes I think there are three main parts. For a traditional look you’d have to go with the standard black and white colors. Of course you need to wear a habit. The Catholic nun that most of us are used to seeing can be dressed in a few varying styles; but for the most part the uniform is easy to identify.

Check with your local retail costume shop for versions of the traditional looking nun outfit. There should be more than a couple of variations for you to check out. Priest costumes are often worn in tandem with nun Halloween costumes, so don’t be surprised if they are stocked near each other. A costume purchased at the store can always be spruced up with your own personal style to make it a one of a kind.

Take the traditional nun Halloween costumes you normally see and figure out a way to add a twist. Because this is a common costume, you’ll have to call in a ton of creativity to make yourself seem original in this standard Halloween costume. One way to achieve this would be to combine elements that are completely contradictory to what you would normally see a nun wearing. A nun who is also a vampire and walks around the party with a smear of fake blood coming from the mouth would definitely be memorable. The idea options are innumerable.

What about doing something totally opposite like bringing in a heavenly nun with devilish qualities. The devil could have possessed the nun and come to the party dressed in a habit with horns sticking through the top. Heaven and hell could show up the nuns Halloween costumes adding extra depth and interest to the outfit. Having fun and getting into character can really add some sizzle to an otherwise standard Halloween gathering.

Nun Halloween costumes could be turned into something sexy too. You could be the controversial nun who doubles as a stripper. Complete the look by adding fishnet stocking and three inch heals to your nun outfit. Put on a lot of make-up and do a lot of fake flirting throughout the evening to make your character seem even more alive. Just remember to have fun while trying not to offend anybody.

Think about having a friend dress up as the priest if you don’t opt for a half and half costume. Add a few cocktails to the mix and some role play between the two of you could really liven up a party. Have fun partying the night away as you act out your characters for fun with other partygoers. Nun Halloween costumes have potential to be done in a more unique way this Halloween. And because they are easy to recognize, they don’t take a lot of explaining.

Nun Halloween costumes don’t normally seem like they’d have shock value. But executed the right way, nun Halloween costumes can be extra shocking and fun for all. These are costumes that can help bring about tons of fun this holiday. Edited by Hetsil Protage

Don Nun Halloween costumes as a Cloistered Nun or a monk in Priest Halloween costumes for the holiday.