Popular Monster High Halloween Costumes For Girls

This year, young women may wish to look into Monster High Halloween costumes. Inspired by the fashion dolls, the characters are fast becoming one of the hottest trends for Halloween, this season. Their popularity is spreading to television, books, and also video games. Here is a look at some of the popular characters that you may wish to become, this year.

Frankie Stein Costume

Frankie is doctor Frankenstein’s little girl, and she is not very old at all. Her little dog is named Watzit, and she is a very friendly and outgoing teen. Yet, she is not used to being put together, and she sometimes falls and loses body parts. Perhaps you will be an adorable version of Frankie with her stitches, plaid skirt, and leggings. If you want neck bolts, they may be separate.

Draculara Outfit

Draculara is Count Dracula’s daughter, but she is afraid of blood and is a vegetarian. She has a cute pet bat that is called Count Fabulous. As Draculara loves black and pink, you can guess what colors her costume is.

There are some lovely Draculara outfits to wear this season. If you wish to have her adorable hair and bangs, you will need to buy a wig separately. However, if you have an old wig just lying around, you may be able to transform it.

Clawdeen Wolf Costume

The Werewolf has a teenage daughter, and her name is Clawdeen Wolf. One of the cutest features of Clawdeen is her pink little ears. As she is going to be a fashion designer some day, you may see some trendy outfits to choose from. Some of these outfits will fit in well with classmates Draculara and Frankie. Usually her boots, jewelry, and hair, need to be bought separately.

Cleo De Nile Costume

Maybe you are interested in being the most popular girl in school. If so, you might wish to check out Cleo De Nile. She is the daughter of the Mummy, and if you buy her costume, look for ones with leggings that look like mummy wraps. She may also come with fingerless gloves and an arm band. However, her shoes, headband, and jewelry are usually separate items.


Monster High Halloween costumes could be one of the most popular things to wear, this season. If you want to be the most popular girl in school, choose Cleo. If you love pink and black, try Draculara. Girls that wish to go as a teen wolf, will enjoy Clawdeen, and if you are feeling like you may come apart at the seems, you might wish to check out a Frankie Stein costume. Also, make sure to check out what comes with each costume.

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