Popular Halloween Outfits in 2011

It’s just about that time once again. Halloween is almost here, which means that it’s time to finally motivate and figure out what you’ll be wearing this year. Don’t be like everyone else, waiting until the end.

Do you really want to end up browsing through a crowded Halloween store at the very last moment, rummaging through the remains of the costumes that everyone else pushed aside? No one does, but we just as easily find ourselves in that kind of situation every year. Try to avoid this in 2010 by acting early.

Here are a few solid Halloween costume ideas if you still don’t know what to be this year. Hopefully one of these will inspire you.

First of all, I think that this is as good a year as any to dress up as Michael Jackson. You won’t be alone in donning this costume, as I’m sure many will follow suit.

Whether it’s the Michael from the Jackson 5, the Thriller Michael Jackson, or a later version of the star, there are plenty of great costume ideas relating to this. Expect to see the MJ costumes out in droves this year.

Those less into the music scene and more into politics might choose to wear a Barack Obama costume. You’ll also see the ladies dressing up as Michelle, an equally great idea and an attractive Halloween costume at that.

Yet another idea is to dress up as Susan Boyle, the singing sensation who gripped the world with her unexpected talent. This is a pretty simple outfit to craft, and you’re guaranteed to get some compliments on it.

Most importantly, be safe this Halloween and choose something comfortable and fun. It’s good that you’re acting now to get it out of the way – it’s never good to wait until the end!

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