Ninety Three – Historical Roman Halloween Costumes – Characters And Gladiators Of Times Past

Conveying power and pride, Roman Halloween costumes depict one of history’s strongest societies. Though many worry about historical accuracy of Grecian toga robes, others seek out the most basic outline of Roman and Greek Halloween costumes. You may create the image of a famous ruler or courageous gladiator, be a sultry siren or a servant girl. This period in history is so well known that a general outfit that only suggests Roman times will be easily recognizable. Creating such a costume with children can provide a great learning opportunity.

Yes, I said it! Learning! Roman Halloween costumes do not have to be basic, you can seek out information to build the most historically accurate design possible. Although this may get costly, depending on how true to life you plan to get. At the very least, you can create replicas that are as accurate as you can get them, and constructed out of inexpensive materials.

Inspiration can be found in history books and other texts as well as in films. Many people have seen Russell Crowe in the film Gladiator, released in 2000. This top rated Ridley Scott film provides a wealth of visuals from Roman times. A quick internet search will produce a number of sites dedicated to the history and specific aspects of ancient Rome, including the culture’s attire!

The main piece to your look will most likely be the robe. This can easily be made from household items, such as an old bathrobe or a sheet. If you want to get fancy, fabric can be purchased to put together your own. There are places that sell Togas, however an authentic garment may get pricey, and may not be something you want to wear out on the town, where it could potentially get ruined.

The fighting skills of Roman Gladiators are legendary. These men and their adventurous lives are glorified even today. For a hint of violence or to show off your own brute strength the gladiator may be the person you’d most like to be.

Basic daggers and swords were used by gladiators as well as a weapon called the Gladius. The variety of weapons included scimitar, shields, thick Roman sword, lances and harpoons. Create a replica of any or all of these weapons using cardboard, paper mache and paint. Some of these might also be found in toy departments if you look carefully.

If you plan to use an actual metal replica, remember to be careful. Swordplay is generally not recommended in someone’s home, even outside it can be dangerous with children and others running around. Always have a place to safely stow your weapon where young ones cannot get to it.

Although ancient Rome may have long ago fallen, today you can relive those times by designing your own Roman Halloween costumes. Be as historically accurate as you like, although it is not a requirement. Knowing a little bit will surely impress as you make the rounds at holiday parties. You can act the part of Caesar, a regular citizen or the brutish gladiators. Roman Halloween costumes are a wonderful opportunity to show off your knowledge and researching skills! Edited by Hetsil Protage

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