Morphsuits – More than just a costume

A group of six of my friends and I decided to run a 5k every first and third Saturday night of each month. Being extremely out of shape, we were extremely winded and had to walk some of the way. Since we started this tradition nine months ago, we’ve gotten a following of about 20 runners per run. Some of them have come only once or twice, but the group is growing.

A few months ago me and my friend were jogging home after one of the night runs and a car came flying around a corner. The car finally saw us in time to slam on his breaks and we barely jumped out of the way. The driver was very relieved that no one was hurt but he told us that we should really be more careful when running at night and that we should wear more colorful clothing.

That night we all we out to the local burger shop and decided to talk about what we could wear to make it a little safer to run at night. We got on the topic of how we could all get matching bright orange shirts and then someone had the great idea of looking into those full colored bodysuits that we had been seeing at our schools basketball games. Morphsuits! We decided that it would be awesome if we all got matching Morphsuits.

Now all the regulars have purchased bright orange Morphsuits to run in and its awesome. More and more people are also showing up in them. Its cool too because you can use them for practically any event. I am going to wear mine for Halloween this year and be a giant pumpkin!

Morphsuits are awesome and they have helped us be more careful when running at night. Thanks for reading this article.

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