Halloween Costumes Inspired By Ancient Greece

With Halloween just round the corner, maybe you are starting to wonder about getting a great outfit for your all important Halloween party. Or perhaps you’re looking for one or two costume ideas that you’re kids can show off when they are out and about trick or treating. You do not want to conform to the norm, hence listed below are a few classic costume ideas fresh for Halloween 2011. For this particular article, we’ll focus on Ancient Greece and Greek outfits. So without further ado it is time to get into it.

Backdrop On Classic Greek Costumes

For millions of people, particularly the Europeans (and perhaps by implication the lands that were settled by Europeans thereafter), Greece is seen as the cradle of their civilization. The civilization that was Ancient Greece lasted for many centuries and only really ended when it was synthesized into the Roman Empire.

The Romans assumed many of the Ancient Greek beliefs including having the exact same gods (except they called them different names). A large amount of the Greek ethics, organization, technology and elementary discoveries were taken on by Roman society. When Rome went on to colonize most of Europe these beliefs were passed on as well.

And so, when these countries, like Britain, France, Portugal, Spain and Holland went on to inhabit new worlds, they instilled the same basic elements, primarily developed in Ancient Greece onto the peoples of these new lands.

So how does this Translate To Greek Outfits for Halloween ?

Greek design is often viewed as classical, be it buildings or clothes. The classic Greek look in terms of clothing is the basic white tunic. It is sometimes called a toga (and toga costume parties are a fantastic idea) but the Toga is actually a Roman concept.

The classic white tunic look is good for both men and women. These days, to give the costume a little bit of personality, we like to think of being a Greek god or goddess dressed in these white tunics. They can each include elements that make them appear unique – like the King of the Gods Zeus or the Goddess of Love – Aphrodite.

An additional Greek look that’s popular, because of films and literature, is the soldier or warrior look. Spartans fighting Persians is a good look if you have the body to carry it off. It could be as easy as a risque loin cloth and helmet combination (which is sure to get you heaps of attention) or you can select the more conservative body armor covering the chest, arms and legs.


Hit the heights this Halloween season, dolled up in a Greek God outfit like the Zeus costume. It is an especially original costume idea that is guaranteed to get tongues wagging at the get-together and even out on the streets while trick or treating.

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