Halloween 2011: What to Look Forward To?

When people think about Halloween, they first think about the expense that this holiday is going to bring. The treats are not cheap, especially with how much chocolate costs nowadays. The essence of this holiday may have lost its meaning to you as a jaded adult, but you must never forget that Halloween is fun! Kids still love Halloween so parents should make it a great memory for them, year after year. For a more frugal Halloween 2011, you will need a little planning. Read on to find out how your Halloween this year can be frugal but fun.

1. Treat or More Tricks

Trick or treating is one of the oldest ways to celebrate Halloween.You can expect the traditional trick or treat to be more high tech this year. In the past, pranking may have been limited to tissue paper strewn over the yard. You can expect kids to do more than that nowadays. You can also expect youngsters to use projectors to create illusions of ghosts in your backyard.

2. Decorating Your Home for Halloween

Decorating your home can be done the frugal way. You can replace fresh pumpkins with re-usable lanterns. You can use tissue paper, some paper strings and various materials around the house for decorations. You can get more Halloween decor ideas in malls and shopping centers. If you want to enjoy Halloween, keep the decorations frugal and just focus on good food and treats.

3. Have a Halloween Party

One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is a party. Parents looking for a safer way for their kisd to enjoy Halloween can attend these parties with their kids. Parties give the grown ups the excuse to dress up like their kids. Kids can have a mini-parade around the neighborhood.

Speaking of treat or treat costumes, you can make them frugal. You can also refurbish your own costumes so that they look like new. Buy your fabrics in yards so you can make many costumes out of them.

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