Greek Gods And Goddesses You Can Be This Halloween

Still stumped on the best gear to get this Halloween ? Join the club. A lot of people fret about getting the correct outfit for the party or trick or treating. You aspire to get something that creates an impression and isn’t being worn by everyone else. With this in mind, how about a costume that’s inspired by the society of Ancient Greece ?

The society that we now call ancient Greece reached it’s zenith in the fifth and 4th centuries BC. Athens was at the center of the civilization, even though it was the capital of just one of the various nation states that made up Ancient Greece. There was also the Spartan nation which grew to be infamous for it’s strict warrior like way of life.

These nation states regularly fought against each other but, strangely enough, rallied round whenever Foreign invaders tried to captor the lands. This was illustrated when the nation states aided one another defeat the Persian empire however within 50 years of this collaboration, Sparta forces sacked Athens. It was a little like sibling rivalry gone mad.

Notwithstanding the considerably violent times, this period is also remembered for the great progress in society, literature, philosophy and science (even though it wasn’t referred to as science in those days). Scores of these advances continue to be with us these days or were the building blocks for further advances in a wide range of human accomplishments.

One characteristic of the Ancient Greek civilization that continues to fascinate us is their gods and goddesses. The major religions that tend to dominate our societies at present are monotheistic whereas the Ancient Greek culture had countless gods and goddesses.

The Greek gods were oftentimes personified and fitted into yarns that defined selected natural phenomena or part of human life. The people who lived in ancient Greece no doubt derived meaning from these stories and it gave them a base on how to live their lives.

And given that the gods where personified or given human proportions, they make for excellent costume ideas. They’re sure to give you an inventive look for the Halloween merrymaking or any fancy dress up event for that matter.

Examples of the gods and goddesses that you really want to think about dressing up as are those that lived on Mount Olympus. Firstly there’s Zeus, the king of the Gods. He’s the mightiest of all of them and commands the weather conditions and lightning.

Zeus has 2 brothers, Poseidon and Hades. Zeus appears to have tricked his brothers as they do not have as much authority as him. Poseidon is ruler of the seas and every one of the creatures that exist in the oceans. Hades is sovereign or ruler of the underworld – where individuals go after they’re deceased.

There were also a lot of female gods. Maybe the most popular one is Aphrodite or the deity of Love. It’s also possible to read about Athena. She appeared to be a goddess of lots of things including war and farming surprisingly enough.

All these gods have a costume committed to them nevertheless the general look is a tunic or toga with a range of adornments and accessories that distinguish them as the particular god. As an example, Zeus might sport an armor plated chest plate with engraved embellishments of lightning to imply that he’s the god of lightening and thunder. He may also have on a crown to indicate that he’s ruler of the gods.

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