Eighty Six – Scary Halloween Costumes – Frighten All With Ghouls And Make Believe

After a while the standard scary Halloween costumes fail to frighten us. How many vampires do you have to see year after year before you have enough? Bloodied weapons, evil scientists, hump-backed monsters and various other legends lose their fright value at some point. It’s up to you to create a new scary creature to master this popular theme. Halloween is supposed to be scary so go for it.

The hard part of creating a new frightening character is deciding what that basic concept will be. Will it be male or female? How will it talk and walk? Why will it be frightening or angry or is it just a character that is mindless evil? Those with limited imaginations will have a problem creating a new scary Halloween costume but once you find your concept it gets easier. http://www.costumecauldron.com/shop/halloween-costume/MENS-COSTUMES-title0-p-1-c-540.html

There are no rules or common components when you are dreaming up a scary costume. You can be as creative as you want but it’s hard to know where to begin and harder still to recognize when you’ve arrived. Keep it simple and start with a character you know.

Serial killer novels, chainsaw movies, and other stories and images that send chills up your own backbone are good starting points for a new and truly scary Halloween costume. Watch some movies, read some Edgar Allen Poe or Stephen King. Watch Jack Nicholson’s transformation in The Shining. The normal becoming abnormal is a good place to start. http://www.costumecauldron.com/Adult-Halloween-Costumes.html

Keep in mind, an idea may not come to you right away. This process can take time. Every time you feel the gentle budding of inspiration, grab a pencil and paper and jot the idea down, even if it seems unreasonable or silly. You never know how valuable these notes can be later on, when a second concept may complete one you already came up with, or compliment it to form a unique design.

Both the internet and the local library are good research sources for you. Read about abandoned towns or disturbing and unexplained hauntings. Anything that frightens you or makes you feel shivery will probably have the same effect on others.

Another search could be done for scary Halloween costumes or terrifying, frightening, whatever word you wish to use. While mimicking someone else’s idea is never recommended, you may find inspiration on a new design this way.

There are a few types of scary Halloween costumes that appear in a variety of ways every year. Go for the vampire, ghost or witch get up. If you prefer something less supernatural, there are plenty of serial killers and other madmen to read up on. Keep in mind as you explore these dark avenues, this kind of research may not be for the faint of heart.

The ideas are there if you look for them. From fictional characters to real people almost any personality can be morphed into a slasher or serial killer or mythical beast with the right concept and accessories. Don’t just settle for a common variety scary person, make your scary Halloween costume unique, and add suggestions of violence just beneath the surface or a personality that is quick to anger or dislikes one particular species or gender. Edited by Hetsil Protage

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