Costume Shoes – No Gangster Worth a Salt Would Be Without His Costume Shoes

So you have found the perfect zoot suit for your gangster costume. You are going to look the epitome of the 30′s and 40′s style Chicagoland gangsters. You have your Tommy gun, your zoot suit, your wide brimmed hat, and that Humphrey Bogart snarl and cigar holding down pat. Now all that’s left is to find the perfect costume shoes. After all, no gangster worth a salt would be without his costume shoes. Unfortunately, you don’t know what to call those Al Capone style shoes.

You are lucky since men’s shoe styles did not change much since Bogart and Capone days. Today’s tuxedo shoes look much like how it did back in the Bonnie and Clyde days of the 30′s and 40′s. You can easily get the Chicagoland gangster costume that is a Halloween and costume party staple with the right costume shoes to match your zoot suit and other accessories. In fact, you might already have the pair of tuxedo shoes you’ve been looking for.

Tuxedo shoes have always been a part of men’s suit wardrobes during the 30′s and 40′s. As such, they are perfect for your gangster costume. They are the last thing you need for a perfect get up (short of arriving in a 1939 Ford Model T.) However, if you really want an authentic look for your zoot suit, make sure you choose colors that would have been true to the time period of gangsters, mobsters, and bank robbing couples. If lime green tuxedo shoes weren’t there back in Capone days, they aren’t going to be a good match with your 40′s style zoot suit.

You can find tuxedo shoes in just about any men’s shoe department at any shoe or department store. However, if you truly want authentic, time era accurate costume shoes for your party or Halloween event, take a look at what the costume store has to offer. There are stores online that specialize in accessories for costumes, shoes included.

Just as no gangster worth a salt would be caught without his Tommy gun, he sure wouldn’t be caught without the right costume shoes. In that regard, take the time to finish out your costume with the right shoe. If you’re careful with your selection, you may even find a use for those shoes again sometime in the future. Perhaps not as part of a zoot suit get up, but maybe for your cousin Vinny’s wedding or bar mitzvah

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