Be Part Of The Roman Empire This Halloween In A Roman Soldier Costume

With Summer time all but done, people commence thinking to the next enjoyable event of the year – Halloween – and what they could wear at the party. Or maybe they have a family and seek unique items that the children will want to put on for trick or treating. You want to have a little bit of freshness with your costume selection therefore pass your eye over one or two of these Halloween 2011 costume recommendations underneath. They are the up-to-date costumes to come out thus you will not be affronted to discover half a dozen of the exact same costumes the moment you stride into the party or hit the streets on the search for a sugar rush. With this said, all of the stuff featured here has a central theme, this is Ancient Rome or the Roman civilization. So off we go.

Idea Behind the Roman Costumes

Well, the idea behind Roman soldier costumes and Roman costumes in general is probably the greatest empire to ever have existed (unless we start discussion about Star Wars but that’s a whole other topic). And it actually grew to be a republic for a very long time too but let’s not split hairs.

So many factors of the Roman civilization are still with us today. People have a weakness for the stories, notably such things as the Gladiators or all the deception that went on to take or maintain power of the civilization.

We appear to be fascinated by the morality and violence of the time – be it the cruel behavior of Caligula or the disloyalty of Caesar by the Senators. It kind of reminds us of our times, except all the principal characters are wearing sandals (and a toga ) ! And what better path to bring the time back to life than to dress as one of these principal characters.

A Couple Of Illustrious Roman Costumes to Put on This Halloween

Caesar – Why not be Caesar for a night. The Caesar look might be the occasion when he was a general and warrior. He would sport the traditional Roman soldier outfit – tunic, armor and helmet. Or you may be him when he was the Emperor in a splendid, full length tunic with a garland of gold leaves as a headpiece.

Roman soldier or Gladiator – Be the stereotypical warrior or relive the clips from the popular film. The full Roman soldier costume will be a full body armor and helmet. You may choose to be a foot soldier or be in control as the Centurion.

If you were a gladiator you might also sport the full armor otherwise go for the skimpy look in a lion cloth and shoulder gauntlets.

Toga – the simplest Roman costume of all may be the toga. This is an easy full length tunic that may have a belt to give it a little outline and stability. Loads of individuals make their own toga with sheets but you do not want it falling to pieces half way through the night (or maybe you do)


Make sure you make a mark at the Halloween gathering this year, wearing a superb Roman costume such as the deluxe Julius Caesar costume. It will be rather a novel idea that is sure to have a couple of heads turning and get you all of the interest you want.

Look great this Halloween in a roman soldier fancy dress or maybe you would look better in a roman centurion costumes