My 5 Top Cool Contacts Tips To Enjoy Outrageous Looking Eyes

Now having outrageous looking eyes is perfectly possible with cool contacts. In the past, people just have to be content with the kind of eyes that they have. Today however, contact lenses have become a great way to express oneself. Within minutes of putting on a contact lens, you can totally change your look according to how you want to be perceived. Gone were the days when people had no choice but to buy clear contact lenses. Say goodbye to the times wherein they didn’t have much colors to choose from with their contacts. Today, cool contacts are readily available, allowing users to express themselves all the more by the kind of cool contacts that they choose to buy.

Use cool contacts and cool eye contacts and break free.

There was a time wherein wearing color contact lenses were already considered to be revolutionary, well not anymore! In fact, it is pretty common to see people wearing blue, green, brown or gray colored contacts nowadays. What is really revolutionary is to see people wearing super cool eye contacts that have unusual colors, weird designs and downright mesmerizing styles. You still need to consider how to choose the right cool contacts that will work well for you and how to properly use it, below are some tips that will be helpful in doing this.

Learn how to choose cool contacts or cool eye contacts with designs to have out of this world looking eyes.

  • Make sure that the cool contacts you will be purchasing are authentic. Check out the lenses if you will be buying it at your local store to see if it has an authentic seal. If in case you are planning to purchase online, make sure that the online store is known to be selling authentic lenses only. If you are in doubt about the store or the cool contacts lenses then do not buy them.

Wearing cool contacts is liberating, so buy cool contacts lenses.

  • When you are purchasing colored contact lenses you need to choose the appropriate color for your eyes to bring out the best shade and have stunning and amazing eyes that will be the envy of everyone. If you have a brown natural colored eye just like me you may want to use opaque colored lenses, I have found this to be the best one to use to bring out a beautiful color to the eyes. There are different shades to choose from with opaque types of lenses such as green, gray, blue and many more.

Cool contacts for your eyes, is the way to express yourself.

  • You need to know what is the life span of the cool contacts that you will be purchasing. There are different types of non prescription cool contacts for the eyes; some are disposable, some have three to six months life span and some has one year life span. There is a tendency that expired cool contacts will irritate your eyes.
  • When you wear your cool contacts and you feel uncomfortable or you feel a burning sensation in your eyes immediately take the contacts off. Do not wait until your eyes get irritated you, there is a possibility that there are dirt on the contacts or maybe the cool contacts is already expired or it is not authentic. There are different reasons why you will experience this, that is why is very important that you check your contact lenses properly prior to purchasing and maintaining it regularly after you use it.
  • As mentioned earlier you need to maintain your cool contacts lenses properly, after taking off your contacts make sure you place it properly in its lens case, in case that you have graded colored contacts make sure that the left and right contacts are placed on the right side of the case. Usually people soak their cool contacts with lens solution in the lens case in order to wash any unwanted dirt on the contacts; it is also advisable that you clean your lens at least once a week by rubbing gently the contact lens with a lens solution on your hands. Do not use water to clean your cool contacts use a lens solution.

Wear cool color contacts!

Regardless of your personality, there are a lot of cool color contacts to choose from. Are you a fan of Twilight? Then go get contacts that are patterned after the yellowish eyes of Edward Cullen. You too can have the same golden stare. Do you like Naruto? Then choose the Sharingan eyes that you prefer most and showcase your favorite character. Do you want to look like a vampire? Then choose from white, black and fiery vampire eyes. You can even go all crazy and buy contact lenses that glow in the dark. Talk about a great way to surprise other people and to make an impression for yourself. Do not confine yourself with the traditional contact lenses or live along with the natural eye color that you have. Break free from the norm and explore your wilder side, creating an amazing look with different colored cool contacts that will be the envy of everyone.

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