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Using contact lenses

There are certain formalities to be completed before you start to use contact lenses and for that the following things are indispensable.

  • Two soft lenses
  • Solution
  • A clean contact lens case
  • Plain, non-moisturizing soap
  • A towel without fluff (or no towel at all)
  • A wash basin
  • A mirror
  • Rich availability of light

To start with, make your hands clean by using soap and warm water. Then, make your hand devoid of even the slightest trace of water by using a towel. Now, you are all set to carefully take out the first contact lens from the case. Seek the help of your optometrist to choose the lens for your right and left eye in the event of different prescriptions to each eye. Land the lens on the index finger in such a way that the lens' outer edge curve inwards.

To carefully place the contact lenses into the eye, pull down your lower eyelid gently with the middle finger of the hand having the lens and pull up your upper eyelid with the middle finger of your other hand. Carefully insert the lens onto the lower white part of your eye while you are looking upwards. Detach your fingers from the eyelids and blink and move around your eyes so as to center the contact lens. Gentle pressing on your closed eyelid will drive out the air bubbles that have made their entry into the underlying part of the lens. You can do all these things again to have your lens inserted to your other eye.