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How Do Contact Lenses Work?

Unclear vision can have a major impact on a person's daily life. Be it personal or professional life, it imposes serious limitations on the efficiency of a person in the activities he or she performs. Even though a large percent of people suffering from clear vision are willing to correct their vision, they are against wearing glasses. And, this despite the glasses being very light in weight and easy to handle. Contact lenses come to the rescue of such people by being an affordable and effective alternative for glasses.

Although contact lenses are in wide use these days, most people use them as appearance enhancement tools. Many popular names from the film and music world use them to change the color of their eyes at will. We can now give a spare of thought to how these lenses work, which most of us do not do.

Contact lenses are plastic discs that lie firmly on the cornea due to eyelid pressure and the presence of tear fluid layer. These lenses are thin and transparent in nature. The lenses remain clean because of the lubrication that results when the eyes make a blink. Contact lenses, similar to eyeglasses, provide a solution to refractive vision problems such as presbyopia, farsightedness and nearsightedness. These conditions disrupt the smooth functioning of the eye by depriving it of its light focusing power. Lenses correct these conditions by returning the light focusing power to the eye.

The design of contact lenses depends on the condition to be repaired. For instance, a person having nearsightedness should wear lenses that are thinner on the middle and thicker on the edges. In this design, light rays are processed directly by the retina. Farsightedness people should wear just the opposite type of lens.