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Frequesntly Asked Questions about Novelty Contact Lenses

Do you have Non prescription colored contacts

Yes we do carry non-prescription colored contacts. We have the crazy colored contact lenses and the single colored con Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses These Non RX Lenses are for you if you already have perfect vision

  • Dual-Layer colour pigment Color Contacts - Covers Dark Brown Eyes
  • Single-Layer Colored Contact Lenses - Allows the natural sparkle in your eyes
  • Halloween Contacts - Covers Dark Brown Eyes and gives out a crazy looking look
  • What is the difference between Single and Dual Contact Lenses and Rave Lenses, Crazy Lenses and the cases?

    Single Colour Lenses are the most affordable way to give your eyes a new shade of colour. The unique pigmentation allows the natural sparkle of your eyes to shine through and blend with the lens to provide a natural soft look. They are perfect for those looking for a subtle colour change to suit your mood or wardrobe.

    Dual Colour Lenses, as the name suggests, feature a dual-layer colour pigment, instantly making your eyes look bigger and more attractive. These lenses provide more colour definition and deeper contrast than standard single-colour lenses. These lenses are suited to those wanting a more vibrant, richer colour change.

    Rave Lenses glow under an ultraviolet black light. These are especially popular amongst party goers.

    Crazy Halloween Lenses are a great addition to a vampire, zombie or werewolf outfit. Many teenagers and young adults use these lenses to "complete" their Halloween ensembles.

    Contact lens cases. Store your lenses in this stylish kit complete with lens container, mirror, and soft tweezers.

    What are Novelty Cosmetic Contact Lenses?

    A cosmetic contact lens is designed to change the appearance of the eye. They are non-corrective to your vision. They are also known as Non-Prescription Contact Lenses. Theatrical contact lenses are a type of cosmetic contact lens that are used primarily in the entertainment industry to make the eye appear pleasing, unusual or unnatural in appearance, most often in horror and zombie movies, where lenses can make one's eyes appear demonic, cloudy and lifeless, or even to make the pupils of the wearer appear dilated to simulate the natural appearance of the pupils under the influence of various illicit drugs.

    If the crazy lenses last for 90 days can i keep them for longer (say 100 days) if i only wear them 90 times?

    No. You should throw your contact lenses out after 90 days after opening the package. After 90 days the lenses are more prone to dirt.

    Do the Crazy Lenses come in Prescription?

    Unfortunately not. Only the Dual Colour Lenses come in a prescription. They are non-prescription without power and are for cosmetic purposes only. These lenses are without corrective power.

    Do the Lenses come in any other diametre size?

    Unfortunatly all the lenses come in a diametre of 14

    How many Lenses come per box?

    There are 2 lenses inside each box

    Can i store the lenses in water?

    No, this will irritate your eyes when you put them back in your eyes. Its best to get some Saline Solution found at any pharmacy.

    Can I share the Lenses with my friends

    Absolutely not. This can cause irritation and infection which can lead to blindless

    Do I really need to consult an optometrist before using the lenses?

    Yes please visit an optometrist before using the lenses. They can give you any information you need and help them put them in your eyes.

    How are contact lenses made?

    Each lens is made by a contact lens technician. View this video by the discover chanel for more info.

    How Do i use the contact lenses?

    Guide for using cosmetic contact lenses

    - Make sure your environment is clean, well lit, and free from dust.
    - Ensure your hands and fingers are clean and free from soap, oil, or detergent.
    - People with sensitive eyes or allergies are advised not to use cosmetic contact lenses.
    - Cosmetic contact lenses should be worn for no longer than eight (8) hours.
    - Please consult your Optometrist before using cosmetic contact lenses.
    - Store your lenses in a contact lens case with saline solution found at any chemist.

    What are the shipping Costs?

    OTHERS RATE $15.00
    Flat Rate Shipping $15.00 New Zealand