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Yellow Flower

(Crazy Contacts)

(2 lenses inside 1 box)

Yellow Flower

Halloween is just around the corner. As people wear witch, werewolf and vampire costumes, dare to
be different. Look alluringly grotesque and fascinatingly monstrous with Coco Contacts Freaky Eye
Contacts Collection. Whoever said that weird cannot look good has just been proven wrong.

Coco Contact’s Yellow Flower contact lens is perfect for daring and adventurous women who’d like
their eyes to stand out. The yellow rim made even more interesting with the floral pattern is truly an
attention getter that everyone is bound to notice. Add a little zest to your look with a touch of yellow
and floral.

Coco Contact’s Freaky lenses are meant to be worn solely for cosmetic purposes. They do not come
with prescription and will not improve your vision in anyway. Please do not wear them on top of other
lenses and closely follow the guide on how to wear, clean and use them. Visit an optometrist every 2
years to ensure the health of your eyes.

We do not have these in stock, please leave us your email and we will contact you when they have arrived.
Thank you.

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