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Viper (cat eye)

(Cat Eyes)

(2 lenses inside 1 box)

Viper (cat eye)

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Viper black cat eyes. Cat costumes are always a big halloween favorite. A great way to jazz up any standard boring costume is to add some Wild Cat Eye lenses. They have a black slit through the center, while the white exterior allows for the lens to blend in with the rest of your natural eye. Currently available in 2 different colours (black & red), the Wild Cat Eye lenses are a great additon to your perfect cat outfit.

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Viper Cat Eyes Contact Lenses
Search for our username: cococontacts on instagram so you can see what is new and check out fun images of Cat Eyes and Viper Contacts.
These lenses are purely cosmetic and one of the contact lenses you can get without a prescription.
wild cat eyes
Wild Cat eye with a black slit through the center. Enjoy freak and freaky eyes. Makes the perfect cat outfit look gorgeous. Very Sexy on Girls.

Packing : 2 pcs / Box
Material : HEMA
Thickness : 0.12 mm
Dia : 14.00mm
B.C : 8.6 mm
Water Content : 42%
O Permeability : 13 DK
Refractive Index: 1.437
SPH: 0.00

The box comes WITH 2 lenses inside
The lenses expire 1 year  from the day of opening.
These lenses ARE FOR cosmetic use ONLY.
The crazy wild lenses do NOT come IN prescription.
These lenses ARE a soft contact lens.

* Please Consult an optometrist before use. Due TO Health Laws, we ARE NOT permitted TO take returns ON lenses.

Cat Eyes are fun to wear. Keep your hands clean when inserting the lens. 

Store lenses in a contact lens case with saline solution.

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