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Precision UV Precision UV contact lenses from Ciba Vision protect your eyes from harmful UV radiation by absorbing 90% of UV rays entering your eyes. Precision UV contacts are monthly disposable contact lenses that combine comfort with a thicker lens for more durability. These contact lens also feature a handling locator for easy handling when not being worn. There are 6 lenses in each box of Precision UV.

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PRECISION UV Contact Lenses - (8 box order = One year supply)

Step out of the frame! You now have an option over wearing sunglasses that leaves a mark on your nose. With CIBA Vision’s Precision UV lenses, you can now block harmful UV rays from damaging your eyes as it absorbs 90 percent of the dangerous rays from the sun. Combined with a thicker structure, these lenses are guaranteed durable. Step out of the frame and wear contacts instead of bulky sunglasses. Be at your absolute best as you work and play even under the heat of the sun outdoors.

For best results, follow your doctor’s instructions on the use of these contact lenses. Please do not wear them longer than the prescribed time period.


Contacts Type: Monthly Disposable


Features: •Protects against 90% of harmful UV rays
•Thick and Durable


Package Content: •Each box contains 6 contact lenses
•Available in 8 box order which lasts a year


Ultra-violet rays infiltrating the Earth's surface don't just burn your skin - they affect your eyes as well. Those who spend long periods of time outdoors are at a greater risk for excess UV exposure.


Help protect your eyes with PRECISION UV contact lenses that absorb approximately 90 percent of the harmful UV rays entering your eye. Combining PRECISION UV contact lenses with UV-coated sunglasses offers you the best protection when you're out on the field, tennis court, golf course, etc.


Precision UV by CIBA Vision were the first disposable contact lenses to feature UV-blocking protection from harmful UV rays. This lens is available in higher powers than most 2 week disposable lenses. With a thicker and more durable construction, the Precision UV contact lens by CIBA Vision is a good lens for first time contact lens wearers and for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Each box contains 6 1-2 week disposable lenses in buffered saline solution.

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