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Mirrored Contact Lenses

(Crazy Contacts)

(2 lenses inside 1 box)

Mirrored Contact Lenses

Sorry These lenses are out of stock! Riddick Contacts are now OUT OF STOCK at cococontacts.com. These mirrored, silver-
coated contacts are an absolute favorite because it gleams in the light with its grey reflective surface. If
you’re after the mystical and mysterious look, then these contacts are definitely for you. It will give you
an otherworldly flare that no other contact lens could provide.

Coco Contact’s Freaky lenses are meant to be worn solely for cosmetic purposes. They do not come
with prescription and will not improve your vision in anyway. Please do not wear them on top of other lenses and closely follow the guide on how to wear, clean and use them. Visit an optometrist every 2
years to ensure the health of your eyes.

Chronicles of riddick contact lenses look like mirrored contact lenses. Many people love these mirror contact because they have a grey relective looking surface. Riddick contacts are new and freshly designed to suit all eyes. You do not need a prescription as they have no power in them that improve eye sight. These are cosmetic only to freak out your friends. They are made with a special silver coating

We do not have these in stock, please leave us your email and we will contact you when they have arrived.
Thank you.

Sorry this product is unavailable.
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mirror eye contacts

Riddick contacts are mirror eye contacts for sale

Finally you can find the Riddick contacts for sale at cococontacts.com These mirrored contacts are silver coated with a specific surface that allows it to shine in the light. These mirror eye contacts have the illusion of having mirrored eyes. Now for your Halloween costume idea you can look just like the Vin Diesel Character in the movie who wears silver chronicles of Riddick contact lenses

chronicles of riddick contact lenses

Find chronicles of riddick contact lenses that look like mirror tinted contact lenses today and wear them for up to a year. They look really amazing on and you can scare a few of your friends with them! If you love science fiction movies then you will love these mirrored contacts because it will give you the feel of a live action film from the 28th century just like where Richard B. Riddick comes from. He is the main character in the film. Be a part of that universe in which they take place. These Mirrored Contact Lenses will help you achieve this.

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