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Golden Yellow

(Wild Contact Lenses)

Golden Yellow

Golden Yellow Contact Lenses


The box comes with 2 lenses inside
The lenses expire 90 days from the day of opening.
These lenses are for cosmetic use ONLY.
The crazy wild lenses do not come in prescription.
These lenses are a soft contact lens.

We do not have these in stock, please leave us your email and we will contact you when they have arrived.
Thank you.

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  • SALE PRICE:$39.99 per box
  • YOU SAVE: $59.01 (60%)
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These Dual Colored Lenses in Prescription are Out Of Stock, You might like to try the Freshlook Colors instead.

Golden Yellow Contact Lenses

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  • Barbie Pink

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  • Citrus


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  • Glow Blue

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  • Glow Green

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  • Glow Yellow

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  • Sky Blue

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  • Hulk Green

    Hulk Green

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  • Purple Contacts

    Purple Contacts

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    favorite purple dress and pair of purple shoes. Shock the boys as well as your girlfriends by flashing
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    Price: $39.99

  • Violet Sea

    Violet Sea
    Purple and a gradual touch of white ..read more

    Price: $47.99

Packing: 2 pcs / Box
Material HEMA
Thickness 0.12 mm
Dia: 14.00mm
B.C: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 42%
O Permeability 13 DK
Refractive Index: 1.437
  • TO AUSTRALIA:1-3 days
  • TO EUROPE: 4-10 days
  • TO USA/CANADA: 2-4 days

Shipping (Flat Rate):

  • Australia Shipping $0.00
  • US Shipping $0.00
  • International $15.00

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