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Blood Shot

(Crazy Contacts)

(2 lenses inside 1 box)

Blood Shot

Nothing is creepier than having blood shot eyes so give your friends a scare by
giving them a blood shot eye stare through Coco Contacts Freaky Lens line. By
providing an illusion of bloody red eye veins, watch people freak out with a mere

Coco Contact’s Freaky lenses are meant to be worn solely for cosmetic purposes.
They do not come with prescription and will not improve your vision in anyway.
Please do not wear them on top of other lenses and closely follow the guide on
how to wear, clean and use them. Visit an optometrist every 2 years to ensure
the health of your eyes.

We do not have these in stock, please leave us your email and we will contact you when they have arrived.
Thank you.

Sorry this product is unavailable.
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