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About Cococontacts.com Special Effects Contact Lenses & Halloween Contacts

Novelty Contact Lenses At Low Prices

Coco Contact Lenses are specifically made to provide an easy, affordable, and safe change of eye colour for the wearer. Our lenses are made to strict Australian ISO standards and are produced to meet the highest levels of safety and hygiene. Special Effects contact lenses have been used my everyday people as well as actors in movies. Our lenses are perfect for Halloween and are a great addition to any spooky ensemble.

All lenses are sterile when opened and have a use life of 90 days with a shelf life of 5 years. Combining these high standards of manufacture along with small convenient packaging means storage is easily managed and not a problem. The lenses are specifically designed and constructed to be safely and comfortably worn by everyone. Consisting of up to 60% water, they are much thinner and lighter than prescription contact lenses as they are specifically tailored for aesthetic purposes and posses no corrective properties. Coco Contacts contact lenses have proven exceedingly successful with females of all age groups, young men, and costume wearers. These lenses have featured in dramatic productions, special effects exhibitions, and popular feature films such as Star Wars, Men In Black, and Lord of the Rings.

Coco Contacts contact lenses provide a completely safe addition to any outfit or costume at an affordable price. Buy cosmetic contact lenses here safely.